Retailers pay us referral commissions for purchases our Members make, and we share these commissions with you. Therefore, when you shop online though Members are maximizing both their SAVINGS and their CASH REWARDS, based on the purchases made through our website.

How It Works

  • Step 1

    Benefit from cash-back REWARDS by visiting our website, and registering to become a Prime Price Member. Be sure that all information you enter is current, and accurate. Registration is FREE.

  • Step 2

    Find “YOUR STORE” of choice on our website

  • Step 3

    Click on the listed offer or flashing link. You will promptly be directed to “YOUR STORE.” Accessing your selected store’s website through is what permits us to earn referral commissions whenever you make a purchase, and entitles you to all of our Membership benefits – including a share of those commissions as CASH BACK REWARDS.

  • Step 4

    Shop as you normally would shop online, placing your items in your shopping cart. Purchase of those selected items MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN 24 hours . That is what qualifies your purchases, made through, to earn the referral commissions we share with you, once they are received from our Retailers. (NOTE: Failure to check out within 24 hours means you must start over, when ready to purchase, and repeat steps 2-4)

Note: Only Members are eligible to earn CASH BACK. When retailers pay us, we pay our Members. Register now, and become a Prime Price Cut Member today! Start maximizing your SAVINGS and CASH REWARDS while you shop with favorite Merchants through

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