About Us

At www.PrimePriceCut.com we operate with great pride in our unique concept, designed to maximize shopping and savings opportunities for online shoppers of all ages, while benefiting the Retailers they know and love. Growing numbers of Retailers are also recognizing the benefits of affiliating their web stores with Prime Price Cut.com, which then broadens our Trusted Merchant offerings, and increases their web traffic.

Unlike competitors, we seek out reputable Retailers of all kinds who’ve earned consumer confidence and shopper loyalty, and invite them to join the Prime Price Cut family. By promoting these Retailers and bringing them new (and returning) customers for their online stores – all of whom are Prime Price Cut.com Members - we earn ongoing referral commissions that we can then share with our Members through our CASH BACK REWARDS program.

Once shoppers have completed the FREE MEMBERSHIP application on our website, our shopping portal takes them directly to the online retail store of their choice (YOUR STORE). Members are able to browse and shop, just as they normally would, while earning REWARDS and finding SAVINGS in the process.

When you purchase from participating Merchants, utilizing our www.PrimePriceCut.com shopping website and your FREE Membership, the Merchants pay referral commissions to Prime Price Cut, a portion of which will ultimately be paid back to our Members in a monthly check. That’s right! Once paid to us by the Retailer, we share a portion of the referral commissions we receive with our valued Members. Talk about REWARDS! Our motive is to make both our participating Merchants and our esteemed Members happy, and build a loyal Membership, with access to a wide variety of excellent Retailers, and desirable benefits.

Prime Price Cut.com is a different kind of website. Our Membership program affords like-minded shoppers the SAVINGS, CONVENIENCE AND REWARDS they desire when buying items they need or love from their favorite Retailers, while we also solicit the best Retailers to join our growing family. Then we help them increase their web traffic and, ultimately, their sales.

We actively encourage Retailer participation with our website. We aim to increase online web traffic and product sales by promoting their stores on www.PrimePriceCut.com, drawing interest from a new kind of customer: Savvy online shoppers of any age who seek special SAVINGS, CASH BACK and many other extraordinary Member benefits, while refusing to sacrifice the quality and convenience of dealing with those Trusted Retailers, with whom they are familiar. Continuing to buy their favorite products, while gaining a REWARDS program, special SAVINGS, and the CONVENIENCE of one-stop-shopping that offers our Members so many of their favorite stores in one location, is a winning combination.

While you could continue shopping on your own online, as you have for many years, and with many of the same Retailers who’ve joined our Prime Price Cut family, WHY SETTLE FOR LESS? You can still visit your favorite online stores and shop as you always have, while earning REWARDS and enjoying special SAVINGS through www.PrimePriceCut.com, as a Member.


  • Step 1: Benefit from cash-back REWARDS by visiting our website, www.PrimePriceCut.com and registering to become a Prime Price Cut.com Member. Be sure that all information you enter is current, and accurate. Registration is FREE.

  • Step 2: Find “YOUR STORE” of choice on our website.

  • Step 3: Click on the listed offer or flashing link. You will promptly be directed to “YOUR STORE.” Accessing your selected store’s website through www.PrimePriceCut.com is what permits us to earn referral commissions whenever you make a purchase, and entitles you to all of our Membership benefits – including a share of those commissions as CASH BACK REWARDS.

  • Step 4: Shop as you normally would shop online, placing your items in your shopping cart. Purchase of those selected items MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN 24 hours. That is what qualifies your purchases, made through www.PrimePriceCut.com, to earn the referral commissions we share with you, once they are received from our Retailers. (NOTE: Failure to check out within 24 hours means you must start over, when ready to purchase, and repeat steps 2-4).


FOR RETAILERS: Our website, www.PrimePriceCut.com collaborates with customers’ favorite and most trusted retail Merchants to:

  • Boost brand awareness, burnishing public image through charitable involvement

  • Promote and drive web traffic to participating retailers’ websites

  • Attract potential and existing customers through a unique sales model and marketing outreach

  • Increase the online sales of participating merchants

  • Motivate now-inactive prior customers to return to your online and brick-and-mortar stores

  • JOIN US!!

FOR SHOPPERS: www.PrimePriceCut.com offers immediate, COST-FREE MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION that provides SAVINGS, CONVENIENCE and REWARDS for browsing and buying on the websites of Retailers you know and trust, whenever you access them through our convenient shopping portal

  • We work with participating Retailers to develop merchandise specials that are then offered to Prime Price Cut Members, resulting in special SAVINGS.

  • We ensure CONVENIENCE by offering easy access to favored Retailers from a single site that lists well-known and trusted Merchants

  • Members can shop online with confidence, directly sharing financial information only with individual store websites from which goods are purchased

  • Listed Retail Stores generally allow online customers the option to have purchases delivered directly to the desired address, or pick up their purchases in person at a local outlet.

FOR PAID SPONSORS: When you advertise on www.PrimePriceCut.com you will draw even more attention to YOUR STORE, and greater interest in your products, Advertising fees are reasonable, and your advertisements will reach thousands of online shoppers and spenders who are Prime Price Cut Members, interested in a wide variety of clothing, home and personal products, fast foods and gourmet foods, as well as a variety of consumer products - all sought out by our registered Members, who enjoy CASH REWARDS, the CONVENIENCE of one-stop-shopping, and special retailer SAVINGS.


  • Listed retailers pay referral commissions to Prime Price Cut for purchases made online on their own store website, when accessed by PPC members through www.PrimePriceCut.com

  • Once referral commissions are paid by the retailer, Prime Price Cut then shares that commission with registered Members, and mails a REWARD check directly to the current mail address of record, whether it is your home or a P.O. Box


  • We generate revenue based on our share of commissions we ultimately receive for directly referring customers to a merchant’s retail website

  • Additional revenues result from advertising fees paid to Prime Price Cut by sponsoring retailers who promote their products on www.PrimePriceCut.com


  • WE ENTHUSIASTICALLY SUPPORT Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Center. Join us in this effort!

  • Registered Prime Price Cut Members who buy from our participating retail Merchants, make it possible for www.PrimePriceCut.com to periodically make contributions to benefit these two outstanding medical organizations. Once Prime Price Cut Members have made their purchases, and we ultimately receive the referral commissions paid by the Merchant, we share a portion of those referral commissions with Members. From the remaining commission amount that Prime Price Cut.com retains, we allocate a fair portion as a donation to the medical charities we support.

  • Therefore, besides receiving SAVINGS and CASH REWARDS based on the purchases they make through Prime Price Cut.com, Members will ensure that these highly respected, cutting-edge medical establishments, serving adults and children with intensive medical needs, will receive needed donations, Members will be indirectly making these donations, without paying anything additional.

  • Charitable contributions from Prime Price Cut.com are made possible by the purchases of our Members through www.PrimePriceCut.com This could not be accomplished without our Members and our Retailers.

  • Registered Prime Price Cut members, participating retail merchants, and advertising sponsors can follow Donation Activity such as proof of donations, letters of gratitude and other evidence of donations made, as they become available and are posted on the dedicated page in a special section of our website.

Donations are intended to support direct medical services to current and future patients – donations that would not be possible without everyone’s involvement. When retailers and shoppers collaborate together with Prime Price Cut.com they make the world a better place, and earn rewards for doing so.